August 9, 2021

Maintaining Vehicle Wraps

Maintaining Vehicle Wraps

Congratulations! Your business has invested in high-quality graphics for your fleet. Each vehicle in your arsenal will be seen by, on average, 100 people for each mile driven, research has shown.

You obviously want to protect that investment and ensure those wraps last as long as possible. The best way to do that is to make sure your team is properly cleaning the vehicles and the graphics installed on them. AGI, along with our partners at Avery Dennison, have a few easy tips for you to follow:

· Beware Using Automated Car Washes

Once your vehicle has a wrap installed on it, you need to be very mindful when selecting a car wash company if that’s how you prefer to clean the vehicle.

Car washes that use spinning brushes can damage the wraps. If those brushes hit the wrap at the wrong angle, they can cause the edges to lift off the vehicle.

Instead, pick an automated car wash that does not use brushes. Look for one that utilizes a soft cloth wash method. This method is much safer and easier on the wrap.

· Use a Mild Soap Detergent & a Microfiber Towel

Vehicle wraps are best washed by hand with a microfiber towel. Don’t rub the edges of the graphics; this can cause the wrap to lift off the vehicle.

Don’t use a high-end pressure washer. A hose will work just fine. But again, be careful about how close you are to the vehicle when you’re spraying. Too much pressure can cause damage, just like in a car wash.

A mild soap detergent is all you need to keep the wraps clean. The experts at Avery Dennison recommend Joy Dishwashing Liquid. Dawn is also an option. But no matter what you use, make sure the pH level of the cleaner is between 5 and 9. Anything higher than that could cause damage to the wrap.

· Clean the Wraps at Least Once a Week & Remove Bird Droppings Immediately

How frequently you clean your vehicle wraps can vary depending on the weather elements your vehicle is exposed to. But at least once per week is recommended to keep the graphics looking spotless.

But don’t let bird droppings fester on your vehicle. The droppings can eat into the vinyl of the graphic just like they can damage the paint on the vehicle. Wipe bird droppings off immediately but do not scratch them off with your fingernail.

Your cleaning regimen can also depend on the type of finish you selected for the wrap. A matte finish requires more maintenance because the films are more porous. That means it is easier for dirt and debris to soak into the finish as opposed to wraps with a luster or high gloss finish. Washing more frequently will help to mitigate the risks posed by pollutants.


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