August 9, 2021

Always Best to Work with Certified Installers

Always Best to Work with Certified Installers

Installing graphics on your company’s vehicles is one of the best advertising strategies you can implement. Research has shown that nearly everyone on the road, drivers and passengers alike, notices vehicle wraps. These graphics generate tens of thousands of impressions on a daily basis, depending on how many miles the vehicle travels.

The average return on investment varies widely based on the number of vehicles in a fleet, the quality of the logo and where specific vehicles operate. But it’s a safe bet that your ROI will sink beyond measure if you rely on an installer without the proper training or credentials.

Would you trust someone to clean your teeth if they didn’t graduate from a dental hygiene program? Would you hire a person who has not passed the bar exam to represent your legal interests?

It’s advisable to be just as diligent when paying someone to install wraps on your vehicles. As our partners at Avery Dennison will attest, it’s possible that the quality of the print itself may be just fine as long as the proper materials were used.

But that ceases to matter if the installation isn’t done properly. If not installed right, the graphic’s edges and recessed areas could begin to pull up within days.

There’s also an added risk that an untrained installer will permanently damage your vehicle. They may inadvertently cut into the vehicle itself and you wouldn’t realize it until the wrap started to come off.


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