removal / installation

When it comes to installation and removal of vehicle and environmental graphics, no one matches AGI’s network of certified, professional installers with facilities throughout the United States and Canada. We work with leading marketing and advertising companies, and we are focused on one goal:  brand consistency throughout all regions.  We work with the top leasing companies, up-fitters, and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), making shipping and installing on location simple and efficient, and no job is too big or too small.  Our installers follow the same high-standards of protocol at each and every location. 

secured installs

AGI’s certified installers have security clearance at most of the airports across the country. We make it easy for customers with our access to airports to prepare for, install and remove environmental graphics.  We understand the importance of advertising postdates, and our team will be at the ready to remove graphics at the end of the advertising term.

AGI boasts its own proprietary project management website, which is perfect for monitoring project status every step of the way. Every client is granted access whether it’s for a rebrand, fleet rollouts or an everyday order.  This mobile-friendly service starts tracking once an order is received, outlines key dates along the project timeline, flags when the project is complete and even provides photos of the completed work. 

certified installers

When you enlist the services of AGI, you can rest assured that you are working with the most qualified installers in the nation. Our installers undergo continued education classes with Avery Dennison and 3M to ensure we are staying current on all the latest materials and installation techniques.   

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why choose AGI

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